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Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
tell me. she was a woman, currently living in texas, and she had grown up in the city of karachi. i had done a series of radio stories from there. she remembered them. she was an npr fan and a person from karachi. she was listening intensely closely. she was still from there, in a way. she said, you did fine. you got the news. there was so much more to say. you needed to get more. i was happy to hear her say that. that is why we were going back. i reported from karachi several times over the years and i got more interested and wanted to learn more. there is so much happening. >> the paperback edition of your book is out. what was the origin of this book? >> it grew out of the radio series i mentioned in 2008. i had first been to karachi in 2002. i was assigned to spend time there, the first story i covered there was the death of a "wall street journal" journalist. i heard some of the stories of the people who lived there. i became fascinated with how the city looked. there would be these pieces of british architecture from the victorian era. there would be massive neighborhoods of c
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
university and an otherwise industrial city, one of the big car manufacturers add that time, there was a certain amount of drift between the two. it was great fun. i hung out with a lot of the -- all of the reporters there except for me were oxford graduates. i learned a lot. i learned a lot from them. a very good time. i came in on my day off. the editor was a man named to w. harford thomas. i came there to pick up my mail because it was my fixed address, i was moving from one rooming house to another. sometimes only half a day, but i had one day off a week. this was a saturday. i went to pick up my mail, and i was wearing a t-shirt. it was a summer. when i picked up my mail, when i came into the office the next day there was a note in my pigeon hole from w. harford thomas that said, mr. safer, we at "the mail" generally prefer dark clothing. >> if it had been a dark t- shirt, you would have been alright. >> he meant -- and certainly not with a pink tie. >> there are always those moments in life that make a difference and change everything. what was the first one for you? >> certa
Oct 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the city just as an outsider. talked to a few people. absolutely riveretted by the people and the plays. i thought there's definitely a movie here. we need to make a film in detroit. host: when impacted, i read your father had an impact on you watching him and his business over the years. guest: , that's right, my father is had a manufacturing company. he really like in the 1980s with the rise in japan had to innovate and come up up with new ideas and making it difficult to create products. he started engineering complicated things that couldn't be replicated or stolen or easily made overseas. that's now his business arrived. i kind of had a front row seat to what it was like going you in the 1980s. how he survived was interesting it was all about being nimble and innovative. which i think detroit needs and the rest of the country pretty much needs right now. host: his business partners over the years, around detroit moved out of there to mexico or some other place other than the united states? guest: my dad ran the business with his two bores. they were adamant to keep their prod
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
. obviously had ties to detroit and works in detroit and has initiatives in the city of detroit and also has a large film, called "just films." they were a major financier of the film. pbs was our second biggest funder. the private family foundation and finance documentary fund kicked in a little bit of money and impact partners which is an equity organization. the collection of us together, they financed the film. no one had editorial control. that was one of the deal that's we had. we were able to raise the money without having to make promises to anybody which including pbs and including broadcaster. >> dave bling was mayor of detroit. -- dave bing is the mayor of detroit. what mayor is he? >> he's a clean mayor. he's an honest mayor. there's a history of corruption and all kinds of business with some of the city council and the mayors of detroit including kilpatrick who is now on trial. detroit is just come out of a feeling of sense of being empty handed and betrayed and tricked by their previous mayor. i think most detroiters will say kilpatrick tricked them. dave being the rig
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)